Phalcon Autocomplete for ZendStudio 13.6

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Since Phalcon is a module that is loaded in memory and always available, there is no way for an IDE such as ZendStudio to interrogate the sources of the framework and offer autocomplete features for namespaces, classes, methods etc.

To work around this issue, the Phalcon team has been generating IDS stubs that can be used with such IDEs.

You can now find these stubs in Packagist:

Git for example

Clone the Phalcon IDE Stubs repository in any location of your choosing.

git clone

Setup your ZendStudio

Right click on your PHP project in ZendStudio

Click [Properties]

Select PHP -> Include Path -> Libraries -> Add External Source Folder…

Navigate to the folder where the stubs are located

Click the [Phalcon] folder and click [OK]

ZendStudio will auto rebuild your project and now it recognize the Phalcon namespaces, classes, methods etc.

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